Canada Paramedic is now known nationally thanks to our exceptional brand, products and customer service.
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Providing products to pharmacies and health institutions for the past 30 years.
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Ready-to-use services for the production, storage and delivery of private label products.


As a big producer, Paramedic Canada is known for its product supplying systems in the Canadian market.


Providing medical products to the CSSS since the GSGB purchase in 2014.

About Paramedic

Since 1992, the Paramedic brand has been distributed and recognized as providing high quality products in the field of first aid in Canada.TODAY, PARAMEDIC IS:

Family-owned business and leader in our market.
Specializing in the distribution of medical products to pharmaceutical banners and retailers in the medical and industrial sector through a 35,000 sq. Ft. Warehouse, maintaining more than 500 specialized products under our brands.

We offer a personalized service in Pharmacies. Paramedic has its own sales force team.
Provider of choice for the manufacture of medical products in private label (First Aid Kits, Gloves, incontinence, swabs and Dermatology).

Our Story

Inaugurated on March 15th 1987 in Jonquière, Paramedic Canada expanded rapidly to meet the needs of the various pharmaceutical and medical sectors with their knee pads, cervical collars, ankle braces, back belts and so many other products.

In 2012, Paramedic was acquired by an investor group. They restructured the company and moved to Laval in early 2013.

In 2014, Paramedic acquired the GSJB Company to maintain a specialized distribution service; mainly at the level of surgical instruments at the CSSS.

In 2015, Paramedic acquired the trademarks “Stelmagel” and “Care Factory”.

Today Paramedic is:

Our Mission

To develop value added products such as instant cold packs, diachylons and compression bandages and services in the medical and paramedical fields for use by healthcare professionals and consumers through a skilled staff who are friendly and professional.

Our Vision

By its creativity, Paramedic Canada stands apart in the field of medical and paramedical supplies and equipment across Canada. Our expertise is appreciated from both professional health care givers and their consumers.


The Paramedic Canada team consists of professionals with experience related to different areas of health and management of supply and distribution. It is due to this high level of professional competence that we can commit ourselves to provide you with innovative products such as cervical collars, wrist braces and heated lumbar belts and value at the most competitive prices. Paramedic’s team is complemented by several subcontractors who must meet high standards of quality.

The commitment of the Paramedic Canada team is based on passion and rigor and offers our customers more than analgesic cream and compression bandages as first aid-products. We believe that customers and users of our products must understand the product use to maximize the benefits. In this spirit, we further support the marketing of our products supported by well documented point of sale and other customer-oriented brochures, etc.

Our Commitment


In recent years, we are proud to have been or still be a partner, either through financial contributions or products sales like instant cold packs, barrier cream and compression wraps to the:

  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Association of Canada
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Foundation of heart disease
  • Opération Enfant Soleil
  • Les prédateurs de Laval
  • Canadian Society for Multiple Sclerosis
  • United Way
  • Corporation for Research and Action on Hereditary Diseases (CORAMH)
  • Red Cross

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