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wearing stockings at night

Often when individuals are suffering through restless nights, a common question that arises is if wearing compression socks while sleeping is recommended. For the most part, compression stockings at night are not recommended. This is because the compression is actually necessary during the day to help the blood circulate, especially for those that work on their feet all day. However, as always there are exceptions that exist and in some cases a doctor may recommend wearing them to bed – especially in post – operative situations and in pregnancy, since blood circulation can be heavily impacted.

When can restraining stockings be worn at night?

In theory, compression stockings are not worn at night since there is no blood stagnation in the veins when the body is in an elongated position (lying down). There are, however, some situations where the use of them at night is feasible; this includes a patient who has been prescribed prolonged bed rest after surgery (postoperative compression stockings) or for a pregnant woman whose blood circulation is heavily impacted. In any case, wearing compression stockings at night should be occasional and requires specific monitoring.

In most cases, instead of wearing socks overnight it is recommended to wear them an hour before bedtime. This allows a patient to enjoy the relaxing effect that the heat has on their feet, without preventing the regulation of temperature at night. It’s important to let the feet breathe during the night, so that the body can naturally regulate its internal temperature and that of its extremities (hands and feet).

Finally, it’s important to note that compression stockings exist in different ranges and different compression classes that vary according to the prescribed use. While many studies have shown that sleeping in socks improves the quality of sleep, not all specialists agree on the subject yet.

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