How do Compression Socks Work?

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How do Compression Socks Work?


The Compression Socks

Compression socks are the socks that are used in sports. The principle of compression is to have an extensible fabric that compresses constantly whatever the volume of the leg. It is therefore not advisable to wear them in affected area at night, but on the other hand, during travel, recovery and sports practice, they have a real interest.

What Is a Compression Stocking?

Compression stockings are stockings whose elasticity helps the leg and promote blood circulation and the ascent of venous blood flow from the periphery to the heart. This medically reviewed device reimbursed by social security is the cornerstone of the treatment of venous insufficiency. It is an essential tool in phlebology,” insists Dr Sébastien Gallula, angiologist and phlebologist in the Paris region.

Wondering how long you can wear your compression stockings? There is no ready-made answer to this question. It all depends on the situation in which you have to wear compression socks.

How Long Does It Take to Wear Compression Stockings After an Operation?

In a surgical context, the High Health Authority recommends medical compression to prevent deep vein thrombosis. This is why compression stockings are often prescribed after an operation. The duration prescribed for the wearing of stockings is dependent on the operation and the bed rest period.

On the one hand, wearing compression socks reduces the risk of phlebitis after surgery. Surgery disturbs the body at the level of the cutaneous and deeper tissues, depending on the incisions needed during the operation. These injuries can lead to the formation of a blood clot, which can detach and cause venous thrombosis. The use of compression reduces the flow of blood in the legs and limits this risk.

The prescribed duration of the compression bottom port is therefore proportional to the depth of the lesions needed during the operation. The longer the body is traumatized in the leg, the longer it will take for the body to recover. The prescriptions of support stockings can thus vary between 3 and 6 weeks for both legs, with 2 to 3 additional weeks on the operated leg. It is imperative to follow the recommendations of your doctor or surgeon.

Depending on the Indication, Compression Stockings Can Be Worn for More or Less Time:

In people who have mild disorders of heavy legs, wearing will be occasional: in case of muscle pain, during trips …

In people with greater venous insufficiency: the wearing must be daily.

As well as in people with mobility problems: elderly, convalescent or with reduced mobility.

In patients with leg ulcers: the compression band must be worn day and night in attack treatment until the wound is healed. Then the stockings must be worn daily in relays.

Can We Sleep With It?

The wearing of a sock compressat night is not a priori of interest since there is no stagnation of blood in the veins in an elongated position. However, in some cases they may be indicated, post-operative or in some pregnant women whose blood circulation is heavily impacted.


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